Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hockey theme BatMitzvah

This BatMitzvah for a young woman who plays Hockey was held at a club in DC. We took some of her old equipment and painted theme gold to have them incased in Ice Sculptures. Word of advice, when proposing table top Ice Sculptures for a party, several things, one make sure the company does not place them more then 30 minutes before start time and make sure the Ballroom is on the cool side otherwise you will have premature melting. Second, and take it from me because it happened, if you are going to have Ice Sculptures on tables, do not take the company's word and allow them to place them on a small reservoir type stand. If your client has to have a Ice Sculpture, it has to be placed upon a reservoir with a drain tube, you will need to persuade her that she will need to by the linen because you will need to cut a small hole in the center to run a drainage tube into a 5 gallon bucket. I did not do this and was called during dinner to remove these slippery and heavy sculpture because the linens were soaked with melted ice. Not good, not good at all. But fortunately I kicked it into service mode and tried to remain as jovial as I could, thankfully my client was still pleased with everything.

Photo credits: Juan Carlos

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